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Dr. Tahmina Ajmal presents 'Tools for Precision Aquaculture' at ISWEE 2020

Dr Tahmina Ajmal was invited to present her research at the International Symposium on Water Ecology and Environment ( on 8th December. Her talk entitled ‘Tools for Precision Aquaculture’ was based on ADPAC research activities and the abstract can be found below:

Precision Aquaculture relies on using advanced digital technology techniques to bring much needed sophistication in the aquaculture industry. There are at least three aspects that are critical to the success of the precision aquaculture system. These are Sensors, data analytics and control - together they can provide sufficient support for developing a framework for precision farm management. Various control engineering mathematical models exist that can provide a deterministic estimate of feature variables. However, these models can deliver much more useful information when these are combined with real-time data from sensors to provide better estimates than it is possible to obtain with either sensors or models alone. In this paper we explore these two aspects of the system looking at the existing systems and at the future of technology. We also present a novel Neural Network based time series forecasting system that relies on data from sensors and can support early warning systems. Our presented system is an improvement on existing systems achieved through linear interpolation and moving average filtering methods of data. It constructs the final system using ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD)-based LSTM (long short-term memory) neural network (NN). This hybrid construction of the model improves accuracy of forecast. We compare this system with other similar systems.
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